Use these to rinse your grains and dried beans before cooking.  

Fidgeting has become really popular over the last few years.

The popularity of fidgets really took off when the fidget spinners hit the market. 

Fidgets help calm anxiety and increase focus.

I thought these could help food addicts because the more tools we have around us to stay calm, instead of craving processed foods, the better.  

These are customizable, available in different sizes, and there are rings, necklaces and keychains to keep these close by. 

Set of 3 mesh strainers

Similarly, eucalyptus can be used as a calming cue as well.  

One smell of eucalyptus can bring you back to the moment.

 You will be more mindful, and a calm brain makes better decisions. 

Megahome Countertop Water Distiller, White, Glass Collection.  This has saved us from horrible filtered and especially tap water. 

Carrington Farms Coconut Oil 54 oz

Heated Neck Wrap. 

5 piece Madoline

Anti Stress Coloring Book

LED Lytes flame less candles 

If you are on a quest to get rid of plastic measuring cups and spoons, I highly recommend these.  They are durable, heavy, good quality, and will last you many years. 

Our most commonly used kitchen tool for clean foods.  It's a must for batch cooking and convenience.  You can be cooking at home while at work with a crock pot.  

Using these candles will cause a more tranquil environment.  Use these in the bathroom during bath time will compound the calming cues and achieve a more calming effect. They use batteries as well.

Earth Solutions


We have used these to replace plastic food storage containers.  You can freeze them, refrigerate them, and put your hot food in them and seal them closed.  There are many sizes available, make sure they are freezer safe.  Wide mouth is easier to handle as well. 

Now brand essential oil Lavender

Brain Science Coloring Book

​spiralized sweet potato

Colored Pencils, 50 pack

This is similar to the essential oils but comes in an inhaler form, which is easier to carry in a pocket or purse.  This stick eases stress, and helps to stabilize the brain.  

Calming cues can be a soothing smell like lavender. Just smelling lavender can deter cravings and bring your brain back to stabilization.

This is a great to carry around with you, even when shopping, so you can stabilize the brain while in commercial environments.  

Treat yourself well while going through detoxification from processed foods.  This neck wrap helps both sore shoulder and neck muscles with moist heat, and the 2 pounds of weight will soothe and relax you.

You will love the abundant choice of colors this set of coloring pencils has in order to add more to your coloring experience!!

Modern Meditation Coloring Book

Now brand essential oil eucalyptus

Coloring has been shown to stabilize and calm the brain.

 The coloring books have been specially chosen because the patterns are easy to color, and you can use your own color schemes.  

These are fun designs to color.  

You can notice the difference after mere minutes.

 What a fun way to increase concentration and decrease stress!

Having a food scale is a must for a strong recovery from processed food.  It is such a freeing concept to eat just the right amount:  Not too much and not too little.  

Coconut oil is perfect brain food.  I always think more clearly when I use coconut oil with my meals. 

Dr. Teal's Epsom Salt


Epsom salt added to your warm bath helps the magnesium to be absorbed through the skin.

 Magnesium causes you to feel calm and relaxed.

Crock Pot for Batch Cooking. Our Favorite Kitchen Tools.

Food Addiction Books

Ozeri Pronto Digital food scale

spiralized​ beets

spiralized ​yellow squash 

​Whenever you are ready, these products can add to your recovery experience.

 Calming cues strengthen your program and help you to achieve more serenity, and stabilize your brain in such a profound way.

 Fight for your program!

These products will help you arm yourself from all the triggering foods and environments you might face. 

Swissmar Borner V-1001 V-Slicer Plus Mandoline 5 Piece Set.  You can slice vegetables into thin or thick slices, shred or julienne.  What an exciting dimension to add to your program!