The wrong books can leave you in the grip of food addiction.  Here are some common problems with books about "healthy eating" or "weight-loss."

  • The food plan is not clean enough to stop cravings. Check out the food plan lists in the Files at the Facebook Group, Food Addiction Education Read books with these lists in mind. Watch for dairy, nuts, high-sugar fruits, soy, corn, gluten, sweeteners, flour, etc. which can trigger food addicts.
  • The book cover has triggering foods on it which might indicate that the authors aren't aware that food cues are a primary cause of relapse. What is the author's expertise?
  • The suggested meals are out of balance, i.e. the protein/carb/vegetable/fruit/fat ratio is not appropriate for food addicts. This includes low-carbohydrate, low-fat, and no-salt food plans.  Check out meal ratios in the Files at the Facebook Group Food Addiction Education.
  • It's a restricted calorie plan which would make a food addict hungry and promote cravings.
  • The author encourages fasting which research has shown to increase food obsession.
  • The book advocates partial foods such as egg whites or skinless chicken. The body craves what's missing.
  • The writer encourages processing foods at home such as smoothies and juicing. Processing can make foods addictive.
  • The book suggests calorie-counting which has been shown to lead to weight regain.
  • The book promotes exercise as a means of burning calories rather than calming cravings.
  • There is a section for triggering desserts or drinks in the book.

If you see one of these characteristics in a book, please don't buy it!  Although very few books are perfect, you can learn how to filter out advice to use addictive foods by studying the Food Lists and Food Plan found in the Files at the Facebook Group Food Addiction Education. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Food addiction is a serious and misunderstood disease.  It is easy to get the wrong advice and suffer poor results.  At, we use the latest research to guide you to information that will help you understand what has happened to you and how to recover from it.  We also help you avoid books that are naive or misguided.  Getting the right information is as important as avoiding misleading information.

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Diet and 'weight-loss' books can actually be harmful to food addicts.  These books can promote cravings through malnutrition, addictive foods, and unbalanced meals. This website will teach you how to avoid books that might make food addiction worse. We also help you read good books with a smart filter for details that might not work for a food addict. You can read Dr. Ifland's book reviews at Amazon here.